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Over the years, I worked with many wonderful clients and created a variety of projects; from interiors to art consultancy, from custom furnitures to Feng Shui consultation. I do what I love and spread the joy I get from the creative process. Many of my clients became later close friends because they know that I am respectful of their individual style, time and budget, and they know that they can trust my process. In this line of work, attention to detail and choosing the right team members are crucial.

I strongly believe that if there is a reason for us to meet, we will definitely meet.


"As a single dad, I needed a female designer's touch for my two-bedroom Manhattan Beach house. I couldn't believe how effectively she redesigned my bedroom; it actually feels bigger now. Throughout the house and the patio, the color coordination and the choice of every item are wonderful."

L. Pennings, Manhattan Beach, CA




"Whenever we need an interior architect, we always work with Oz. Since she moved to LA, we have been working with her remotely. Just finished our 2nd floor renovation, and it looks amazing. Our outdated rental unit looks so fresh and inviting now; ready for our new tenants."

M. Tuncel, Hoboken, NJ




"I met Oz at their MB showroom and fell in love with their taste in furniture, accessories, textiles and everything in between. Afterward, she renovated my three-bedroom house with her own contractors, sourced every single item, and even made a commissioned artwork for our living room. I had this painting in my mind for a long time; I had even named it 'Hope'. I described it to her and she made my dream come to life!"

J. Behar, Manhattan Beach, CA




"We were excited to have bought our new apartment in Istanbul with an amazing Bosphorus view. It's or secondary home and we hired Oz and asked for comfort and coziness. With her elegant and functional treatments, we now love it even more."

C. Chevron, CI Art - Swiss Liaison




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